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Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

Be A Site Owner And Make Money From It Now


First of all i will like to answer this 3 question which majority of the people are always asking which are:

  • What is a Blog?
  • What to Blog about?    
  • How can i start a Blog?  

This are the questions i will like to treat with you in this Episode for the beginners, so let get started so you start earning online and stop wasting most of your doing so many irrelevant things online.

Blogs and websites

Most individuals still wonder that what is the difference betwen a blog and a website. What’s a website and what’s a blog? Differentiating between the two today is even more difficult. In order to execute the same function, many businesses integrate blogs into their locations.

Blogs need updates frequently and in a blog you have the chance to share opinion and comment below. Blogs foster ideal engagement with readers. Readers have the opportunity to comment and voice out their various issues to the public.
On the other side, static websites consist of the material displayed on static pages. Owners of static websites rarely update their pages.

Blog owners regularly update their website with fresh blog posts.

Key components identifying a static page blog post include a date of publication, author reference, categories, and tags within a byline. Although not all blog posts have all these line components, there are none of these things on static website pages. The content on a static site will not alter from one visit to the next from a tourist view. Nevertheless, the content on a blog has the ability to give something fresh every day, week or month. Depending on the publication timetable for the blog owner.

Blog Structure “design”

Over time, the appearance of blogs has altered, and blogs now include various items. But there are some normal characteristics and structure in most blogs. Here are popular characteristics that will include a typical blog:

  • Menu header or navigation bar.
  • Highlighted or recent blog posts are the main content area.
  • Social profile sidebar, favourite content, or call-to-action.
  • Footer with connections such as disclaimer, privacy policy, contact page, etc.

What is a Blog?

A Blog is a website or webpage which information are to be discussed and shared periodically or regularly concerning your ideas, views or experiences for other individuals to read on the internet ,  it should be regularly updated by an individual or small group and published on the world wide web “WWW”. Blogging is initially used as a unique platform for sharing the thoughts, feelings, opinions or experiences of a person.

Who is a blogger?

Bloggers have become popular for different reasons in latest times. To many, more individuals choose to enter the ranks as an alternative profession or job. So who’s the blogger? These are people who love to share with you parts of their life. They post different subjects from arts, home designs, carpentry, and articles from finance. Bloggers are mobile and need not be in a single location. They live on the web!

Blogger definition

 A blogger is someone running and controlling a blog. For a target audience, he or she shares his or her view on various subjects.

Why are today a lot of individuals blogging?

Would you like to have your own blog? Yes!
For a variety of reasons, most individuals today create a blog. Every human being has to say his tale. Thus, bloggers can connect to a bigger community of individuals through the internet.

Why is this blogging famous ? Blogs enable you to speak and express your view on any topic. On every activity that took place during the day. These can range from tiny problems such as awakening to significant problems such as human rights and climate change! Remember that you need to depend on the subjects you enjoy as a blogger running your own blog and strive to become one of the best blogs on the blog.

What to Blog about?

What am I supposed to blog?  It’s one of bloggers / aspirant bloggers most frequently asked issues Experiencing it can be seriously frustrating…

What if you really want a new blog to start but don’t understand what subject to choose from?

It’s also awkward.

I’m going to demonstrate in this episode how I come up with ideas for writing about fresh blogs for aspirant blogger. Their is a lot to blog about this just depend on the area of your interest and what you will enjoy doing and not getting pissed off or stressed out when doing it. you can blog about these below:

  • News
  •  Sports ( Football News, Transfers) e.t.c
  • Technologies
  • Educations (Schools updates, Subjects, Scholarships, Examinations updates / Trends)
  • Entertainment (Music / Videos updates, Social gist’s “gossips”, Trends e.t.c)

I want to begin a blog but I can’t think of an Alright subject

So let’s get into some ideas for people out there who really want to start a new blog but can’t think of a topic altogether.

Starting a blog is much more frustrating and then taking part and realizing you don’t have much to talk about.
So how’s a blog subject coming up?  I’m always really amazed to figure out what you want to accomplish when individuals begin fresh blogs with no long-term objective in mind.

Figure what you want to accomplish:

I’m always really amazed when individuals begin fresh blogs with no long-term objective in mind. Would you like to create $100k a year? Would you like to get some fresh customers for your company? Would you just like to exercise your writing? First figure your objectives out.

Start with your passions:

I believe starting with a subject you’re enthusiastic”very good at” about is the best thing for beginners, even if you’re not a full Phd specialist. The reason I say this is because if you don’t care about the subject, it’s really difficult to keep motivation to do “the boring things”When the topic doesn’t matter to you. Find something you enjoy with your readers and explore this subject. That’s why fashion blogs do so well–in order to succeed you don’t have to be an expert, just share your style. Just try to figure what you enjoy doing and have passion so you do not get pissed offed
These are what you consider before you start your blog

Choose a topic you know:

I’m getting lots of emails from people who say they’ve just started a blog about “making cash online,” but can’t figure out how to create money. That frankly scares me a little bit. I’ve performed all right blogging (I’m not a millionaire or anything) but I’m still nervous about providing guidance to individuals even with those victories. Try to make a topic of what you’re expert in doing not just jump in to what you do not know .

Research your competition:

As above, you want to look at your contest and see if you can do anything better than them. Remember, you really don’t need to be original, but you need to discover a distinct and unique way to be. You need to stand out in a globe of billions of blogs. Like my mate Konrad, you could be extremely smart and ask your rivals to take part in your blog!

How can i start a Blog?  

how can i start a blog? This i the most frequently asked question that most novice asks this is a very easy stuff to start if you have a passion for it and can always follow up.

A few steps are needed to create your own private blog. First, you need to decide on a blog name as well as a domain name and choose the best platform for blogging.

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